The second wave of the plague has struck with a brutal vengeance and a full-on zombie apocalypse has spread throughout every corner of the world. The United States, or what’s left of it, is in shambles and only a few outposts exist. Abandoned by her father, Dar has managed to set up a camp in the Boston Common, which she rules with an iron fist. Surrounded by hordes of ravenous zombies, one person living inside the camp holds the key to their survival.

A few lucky people on earth have developed a mysterious immunity from the plague. Known as ghosts, they are prized for their ability to walk among the dead and gather food and supplies without fear of reprisal. The Boston camp harbors one such person. Washington D.C., however, has recently lost their ghost, and now the city is running out of food and fuel. Millions of zombies parade outside the gates, waiting to rush in and feed from the human trough. If a ghost is not found soon, all of its citizens will perish, and with them dies the nation’s democratic ideals and elected leaders.

President Roberts orders the Army’s finest soldier to travel up to Boston and bring back their ghost at any cost. But when his chopper fails to return, she fears the worst and sends a convicted terrorist up there as a last resort, promising him the keys to the White House if he’s able to bring Boston’s powerful ghost back to the nation’s capital, thus saving it from ruin.

As the world descends into apocalyptic madness, the horde grows increasingly aggressive, threatening the wellbeing of every survivor in Dar’s camp. Boston Common becomes ground zero for a dramatic showdown, and upon meeting the infamous terrorist, Dar realizes that she must make a gut wrenching decision that threatens not only her life, but the survival of every person she’s been entrusted to protect.



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