A Review of COMES THE DARK by Patrick D’Orazio

A Review of COMES THE DARK by Patrick D’Orazio

Comes the Dark - Book JacketD’Orazio’s novel jacks you into the action from the start. The main character, Jeff Blaine, has lost his entire family to the zombie horde and must brutally fight for his life. The action here is riveting and disturbing, and has an immediate impact on the reader. Survival as a theme trumps all else in this book.

Blaine finds another survivor in his neighborhood, Megan, whose gritty personality clashes with his own. But they work together to escape the horde and flee their infected neighborhood. Her goal is to search for other survivors and in the process Jeff appeases her while at the same time becoming a zombie-killing machine hell-bent on winning an almost unwinnable war. Two other survivors join Jeff and Megan, and the four of them take up arms against the horde.

D’Orazio’s novel is short but compact. His descriptions are vivid and linger in the imagination long after the reader puts it down. This is the kind of novel that relies more on character and blood-pumping action rather than plot. The action delivers blood and gore at a non-stop pace, barely allowing the reader to catch his or her breath.

I really enjoyed COMES THE DARK and especially the action-packed writing. D’Orazio has split the book up and has added sections at the end that he cut out of the original novel, and these snippets give the reader a more detailed history on the characters’ past. My only critique is that the novel ends on a cliffhanger, which we presume will be answered in Book 2. I prefer more a traditional ending that wraps up the novel and provides closure to some degree, but that’s my own preference. I highly recommend COMES THE DARK and eagerly look forward to Book 2 in The Dark Trilogy.




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