An Epic Science Fiction/Military Novel

An Epic Science Fiction/Military Novel

Home WorldI have to admit that I’m not a big fan of this genre, having read very few military/Science Fiction novels. But I was really taken with the universe Brown and Faville have created in this entirely original and ambitious novel. When an author can create a vision and make it come to life on the page, it is truly an impressive feat.

The story moves along at different paces depending on the scene. At times the authors take pangs to describe the spacecrafts or provide detail about the weapon systems. On other occasions it zips along with heart-thumping action. I particularly found fascinating all the informative minutia that the authors provide to the reader. Null space intrigued me and I could envision these black holes in space where crafts could cheat distance and time. I also loved the description of the ceramic gun rails and ceramic projectiles and could imagine these bullets shattering opposing battle crafts in space. The incredible description in this novel makes this book stand out and shine.

The other aspect of this book that I really enjoyed were the varied and complex characters. The way the authors portrayed them very much impressed me. Many different characters appear in Homeworld and they are all richly drawn out, unique and have their own voice. But I have to admit that my favorites were the cold-blooded killer Drake and Captain Rachel Keil. It was commendable the way these authors were able to make each character stand out.

My only criticism of this novel is that it could have used better editing in the way of punctuation and trimming some of the run on sentences.

Although not my usual genre, these authors may have changed my mind about reading Military/Science Fiction. I would definitely read another book by these two talented writers and highly recommend this exciting and inventive new novel.


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