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My Interview with Stacey Cochran, Author of EDDIE & SUNNY

  Joseph Souza‪ Thanks for stopping by today, Stacey. I hope all is well with you..‬


‬‬ ‪Stacey Cochran‪ Thanks so much for having me, Joseph. I’m always happy to discuss writing and publishing. ‪Joseph Souza‪ Let me start off by saying congratulations on your book. It was the first one in the program I read… Continue Reading

Review of Running From the Past

  The past is what motivates Colby Walker, the defining character in this suspenseful novel. While vacationing with his family, and his son’s best friend, Jess, Colby discovers that Jesse has been abused by his father. Revisiting the horrors ofhis own childhood abuse, Colby decides, against his wife’s better judgment, to kidnap the abused boy.… Continue Reading

Review of Eddie & Sunny

Right from the start of this novel we are thrust into the hardscrabble, hyperventilating lives of Eddie & Sunny. Broke and living out of their car, and with a young son to care for, desperation is beginning to set in. Sunny is about to give birth and yet continues to drink heavily. Eddie can’t find… Continue Reading

3 years and Maine Child Still Missing

Although my novel UNPAVED SURFACES deals with a missing child, the sad reality is that it still happens all the time i this country. This case in Maine is very suspicious and the father of the missing child knows far more than he lets on. Three years later and Ayla Reynolds is still missing. Such… Continue Reading

EVENT HORIZON by Stephen Konkoly

It’s hard to believe that Konkoly could follow-up THE PERSEID COLLAPSE with a more riveting and action-packed novel, but this he has done in EVENT HORIZON. If a civil war is to happen again in this country, this may be the way it happens. After the collapse of American society as we know it, chaos… Continue Reading

George in London—A Review

  Tim Queeney, better known for his clever Perry Helion thrillers, has penned a historical novel that frankly, surprised me on many different levels. It’s historical fiction at its finest in that we feel like we know young George Washington and are on the same journey with him. Queeney’s use of the first person narrator,… Continue Reading

The Perseid Collapse

Six years have passed since The Fletcher’s survived the deadly flu pandemic that ravished the world and turned their suburban neighborhood into a war zone, pitting neighbor against neighbor. THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC was Konkoly’s breakout novel, winning praise (and controversy alike) for its realistic and heartbreaking depiction of one family trying to keep itself quarantined… Continue Reading

Night Time, Dotted Line

A note of sadness runs through Katherine Silva’s new novel about two strangers embarking on road trip, and this is not a bad thing. Spencer, a divorced, lonely lawyer encounters Calleigh one day at his local Starbucks in Maine. Although the two don’t know each other, Calleigh asks him out of the blue if he’ll… Continue Reading

The Liger Plague—Chapter 1

 The Liger Plague By Joseph Souza Chapter 1 Colonel Taggert Winters stood at the podium inside Harvard Medical School’s Gordon Hall and glanced down at the scientists and physicians seated in front of him. It would be the last time he would deliver such a speech in his capacity as director of the United States… Continue Reading

A Review of LIFE AMONG GIANTS by Bill Roorbach

An undercurrent of nervous energy, both kinetic and inert, fills the pages of Bill Roorbach’s inventive new novel, Life Among Giants. The literary vortex of a raging river, the language spins this story off in many whimsical eddies and makes it crackle with wit and ambition. At times this reader had to come up for… Continue Reading

An Epic Science Fiction/Military Novel

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of this genre, having read very few military/Science Fiction novels. But I was really taken with the universe Brown and Faville have created in this entirely original and ambitious novel. When an author can create a vision and make it come to life on the… Continue Reading



Purchase this book HERE! The second wave of the plague has struck with a brutal vengeance and a full-on zombie apocalypse has spread throughout every corner of the world. Abandoned by her father, Dar has managed to set up a camp in the Boston Common. Surrounded by hordes of ravenous zombies, one person living inside… Continue Reading

A Review of COMES THE DARK by Patrick D’Orazio

D’Orazio’s novel jacks you into the action from the start. The main character, Jeff Blaine, has lost his entire family to the zombie horde and must brutally fight for his life. The action here is riveting and disturbing, and has an immediate impact on the reader. Survival as a theme trumps all else in this… Continue Reading

  DARPOCALYPSE SUMMARY   The second wave of the plague has struck with a brutal vengeance and a full-on zombie apocalypse has spread throughout every corner of the world. The United States, or what’s left of it, is in shambles and only a few outposts exist. Abandoned by her father, Dar has managed to set… Continue Reading

The Curiosity of a Social Misfit Review of The Reawakening

The Rewakening (The Living Dead Series: Book One) by Joseph Souza Review Written By Joseph Souza Genre Action, Horror Synopsis When a virus infects both humans and animals turning them in to flesheating zombies, Dar and her father, Thom, find themselves fighting for survival. Review Maine.  Famous for giving us the legendary horror writer Stephen… Continue Reading

Review of Black Flagged Apex by Steven Konkoly

Apex is the third book in author Steven Konkoly’s Black Flagged series and it might well be the best of the three. The twists and turns in this novel are varied and interesting, but the approach Konkoly takes here is a bit different than in his other novels. Bureaucratic infighting and intrigue have always been… Continue Reading

A Review of Age Of The Dead by Gareth Wood

Joseph Souza’s Review of AGE OF THE DEAD   Gareth Wood’s new novel, AGE OF THE DEAD, is the follow-up to his successful predecessor RISE, which utilized a journal style format to tell the story of Brian Williams escape to safety during the zombie outbreak. While the journal style was an interesting plot device in… Continue Reading

Portland Press Herald’s Review of The Reawakening

November 11 Book Review: Horror read suspenseful from start to finish By LLOYD FERRISS You know you’re reading a live one when you think about the book while having breakfast or shopping, and can’t wait to pick it up again. Joseph Souza’s long (306 pages) debut horror mystery is that kind of a read. He… Continue Reading