EVENT HORIZON by Stephen Konkoly

EVENT HORIZON by Stephen Konkoly

Steven-Konkoly-Event HorizonIt’s hard to believe that Konkoly could follow-up THE PERSEID COLLAPSE with a more riveting and action-packed novel, but this he has done in EVENT HORIZON. If a civil war is to happen again in this country, this may be the way it happens. After the collapse of American society as we know it, chaos reigns in New England after the mysterious EMP event. Loyalties are tested and what constitutes patriotism depends on your particular viewpoint.

From Boston to Maine we return, and the journey is so violent and riveting that I had to step back at times and take a deep breath in order to collect myself. Alex is one of those reluctant but capable heroes in the mold of Gary Copper, Shane or Clint Eastwood. What Konkoly has done has been to revert Alex’s allegiance back to a system of tribalism; he cares mostly about his extended family and close friends.

This is a harrowing journey that will keep you turning the pages through the night. The action is non-stop and the villain as evil as they come in popular fiction. In fact the crisis proves an opportunity for our villain to manifest his psychopathic tendencies on those he deems weak and insubordinate to his rule. Of course he’s met his match with Alex, whose coolness under fire reveals a much different type of warrior. The ultimate showdown coming in the next installment should be interesting to watch.

Konkoly delivers, and he delivers big in this sequel. By upping the ante with each successive book, he has placed a lot of pressure on himself to deliver again in Book 3. But based on his history, he’s one author with the skills and talent to produce another riveting novel in the series

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