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The Curiosity of a Social Misfit Review of The Reawakening

The Rewakening (The Living Dead Series: Book One) by Joseph Souza Review Written By Joseph Souza Genre Action, Horror Synopsis When a virus infects both humans and animals turning them in to flesheating zombies, Dar and her father, Thom, find themselves fighting for survival. Review Maine.  Famous for giving us the legendary horror writer Stephen… Continue Reading

Portland Press Herald’s Review of The Reawakening

November 11 Book Review: Horror read suspenseful from start to finish By LLOYD FERRISS You know you’re reading a live one when you think about the book while having breakfast or shopping, and can’t wait to pick it up again. Joseph Souza’s long (306 pages) debut horror mystery is that kind of a read. He… Continue Reading

Zombie Fiction Review of The Reawakening

The Reawakening – Joseph Souza August 31, 2012 By zf   Although zombie stories are a dime a dozen these days, there’s always an eager audience waiting to devour the next to come along. Right now that’s The Reawakening (The Living Dead trilogy book 1) by Joseph Souza, a zombie novel that deviates from the… Continue Reading

Tombs Of Darkness Review of The Reawakening

Review of Joseph Souza’s “The Reawakening” The Reawakening begins with the narrator, Thom Swiftley, a famous novelist, taking his seventeen year old daughter, Dar, up from their Boston home to his brother’s farm in northern Maine.  Rick, his brother, was a highly respected geneticist who decided to leave his prestigious career behind to get away from… Continue Reading

A Review of THE REAWAKENING by IndieHorrorNews

Joseph Souza has a gift for story telling. The  characters are rich and vibrant. You feel every emotion they experience, and this draws you deeper into their lives and the story.  Although more sci fi than horror, The Reawakening is an instant Indie classic. The telling of the apocalypse that awaits us all for the… Continue Reading

Review of THE REAWAKENING by Dark River Press’s Michael Juvinall

The zombie sub-genre has become increasingly overcrowded as of late.  Everyone and their brother has written a zombie novel or penned a screenplay that will be turned into the next big movie, a la The Walking Dead, World War Z, or almost anything by Brian Keene.  But for every one great novel or film like… Continue Reading

The Current – Thursday, February 4, 2010 By Tess Nacelewicz

The Current – Thursday, February 4, 2010 By Tess Nacelewicz Main streets lined with classic colonial homes, picturesque harbors filled with fishing boats, trees ablaze with color in the fall. Those are some of the images that New England evokes in many people’s minds. But to Joseph Souza, a South Portland crime fiction writer, New… Continue Reading

South Portland Writer Joseph Souza Featured in Crime Story Anthology Released 11/12/09 When fiction writer, journalist, and former DEA intelligence analyst Joe Souza saw the title of Level Best’s upcoming collection, he knew he had to write the story. He’d grown up near the Quincy Quarries and long heard the local tales of the secrets they kept. His dark story, “The Devil’s Dumping Ground,”… Continue Reading